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作为一名商业法执业律师,周科林先生精通于生意买卖、房产买卖的过户和转让,银行及财务管理、金融服务和融资领域所涉及的法律事务。同时, 他在银行资金管理,证券经纪及企业融资领域积累了多年的工作经验。


1. 生意买卖过户,房产过户;

2. 银行及财务管理的法律咨询;

3. 上市和融资的服务;

4. 法律诉讼。
直线: (03) 9896 8996
邮箱: speedmail33@gmail.com

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2. 特快注册公司及家庭

3. 财务分析, 成本控制;

4. 编制财务和税务报表;

5.生意代管; 6. 建立和审计自营养老金

直线: (03) 9896 8939
邮箱: weimin1965@gmail.com

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Chun Lo

Chun Lo has studied in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, specialising in business analysis.

He is committed to assisting clients in selecting the most suitable business for their requirements.

Chun is fluent in English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hakka dialects.

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Allan Qian

Allan Qian

Allan has been living in Australia for more than 20 years. He has run various businesses over the last 18 years. During those years, Allan has become fully experienced in all areas of business and will be able to satisfy your needs.

In his role as Business Consultant Allan brings with him a strong work ethic focusing on honesty, passion, respect, a friendly manner and attention to detail. In his employment, customer service, approachability and direction have been key elements.

What attracted Allan to BBG was their professionalism, ability to deliver upon their promises and being part of a great team which sits well with Allan’s own vision and performance values. Allan enjoys dealing with a variety of people, sourcing their needs and fulfilling the ‘Australian dream’ in assisting them to find their desired Business and ensuring it is an enjoyable and easy process.

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Steven Hong

steven Steven has a strong Business & Marketing background. He was named Business Owner of the Year in 2001 for remarkable results achieved in his business at the time including doubling profit and incomes in less than 12 months. He has had broad International business experience particularly within China and has travelled extensively, keeping up to date with all Business trends. Steven has owned and operated many businesses throughout his career giving him valuable “hands on” experience to business sales and acquisitions. This equips him with the skills and understanding necessary to best serve his clients. In recent years, Steven has acted for many Chinese purchasers in the acquisition of a significant number of multimillion dollar businesses and properties. He has built up the trade mark in the Chinese market for business brokerage. Outside business, Steven’s interests are family, friendship, quality dining out, bush walking and martial arts.

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