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I/We, The Recipient acknowledge that unauthorised use or disclosure of the Confidential Information may cause irreparable harm to the Informant.

I/We agree that Confidential Information is provided on the terms of this Deed and that it will not use or disclose the Confidential Information except as provided in this Deed.


The Recipient covenants with the Informant that the Recipient will not disclose the Confidential Information or suffer or permit it to be disclosed to any person or related person or related corporation whatsoever except in the written consent of the Informant and then only on the basis that the confidentiality of the Confidential Information is similarly respected in the same manner as provided in this Deed.

  • Without limiting the generality of the above, the Recipient must:
    • Not develop, open or operate a business based on this Confidential Information;
    • Not use or disclose to any third party any aspect of the Confidential Information for the purpose of contacting or contracting with any employee or client of the Informant;
    • Not copy or reproduce any part of the Confidential Information except with the prior written consent of the Informant;
    • As and when requested by the Informant to promptly return any Confidential Information to the Informant;
    • Not disclose the Confidential Information to any of its collaborators, employees, consultants or any other person except to the extent to which under the circumstances those persons have a need to know and in such event to instruct those persons concerning the confidentiality of the information and obtain from them a confidentiality undertaking in the term of this Deed;
  • I/We acknowledge that the Confidential Information is commercially sensitive and that its continued confidentiality is vital to the success of the Informant.
  • If I/We breache a provision of this Deed, the Informant will be entitled to seek all appropriate remedies, including monetary damages and interim, interlocutory or permanent injunctions against the Recipient, its directors, officers, employees and agents.
  • I/We further acknowledge that the Confidential Information provided by BBG Business Brokers Group Pty Ltd, have been provided on the instructions of the Vendor and the Vendor’s professional advisors. No independent investigations has been carried out on the Confidential Information by BBG Business Brokers Group Pty Ltd, as such BBG Business Brokers Group Pty Ltd does not guarantee the validity or accuracy of the Confidential Information. BBG Business Brokers Group Pty Ltd strongly recommends the Recipient to carry out its own due diligence and investigations with respect to the Confidential Information.